Lonely Runners: Moving On!


The story of the extraordinary friendship of three great Slovak modernist poets who formed the legendary literary group The Lonely Runners in 1963. The film follows a meeting of these three giants of poetry and their journey together, during which they meet with friends and visit places important to them. A story of an inspirational friendship.

Slovakia 2019, 82 min


Director: Martin Repka
Writers: Martin Repka, Maroš Šlapeta                                  

Cast: Ivan Štrpka, Peter Repka, Ivan Laučík and others 

Production: Punkchart Films, RTVS, SFU 

Funded by: Audio Visual Fund, BSK 



  • WP:  35. Warschau Film Festival – Int. Documentary Competition

Fun Facts

We almost met Igor Nusko in Chennai, but when we reached his apartment in Chennai (India)…. he already left to the mountains.   > Lonely Runners: Moving On!