Tiger Fight


It was an ordinary working day for the one time famous Tamil film director SHARMA up to the moment when the Tiger Dancer KADER appears in his office to ask for an acting chance. Due to his arrogance toward Kader he misses his opportunity to discover a real talent. Instead of a bright comeback Sharma must fear continues to be stocked in his passivity.    

Slovakia / India / Austia 2014,  16 min


Director: Martin Repka
Writer: Martin Repka

Cast: Nassar, Palani, Arunmuzhi Siva, and others

Production: PubRes, Mozhi Films, AMOUR FOU                   

Funded by: Audio Visual Fund 


  • WP: 30. IFF Festroia Setubal
  • Nomination for the National Slovak Film Award (Best Short Film)

Fun Facts

It has been a wonderful experience to shoot this film with my Tamil friends in the heart of TOLLYWOOD Chennai. Thx Ashoka Mitran for your great short story “Tiger Artist” which inspired me to make this short.